Going green

Our green policy

We are committed to environmentally sustainable work practices.

The future will either be green or not at all.

Our offices have individual light switches, allowing us to switch off lights when not in use.  Power-saving settings on our electronic equipment allow us to ‘power down’ when not in use.

Our preference for state-of –the- art electronic file storage, emails and digital advertising is not only highly efficient; it also saves a lot of trees! When printing is required, documents are printed double-sided on Planet Ark 100% Recycled Australian paper.

Not only for ourselves, but for our clients as well. All clients are advised how to reach us using bus and train services. Conveniently located a short walk away from train, bus and ferry terminals, we're easy to get to without the hassle and cost of parking. And if walking is not an option, a taxi rank is located right outside our front door.

Having remote logon capabilities enables employees to complete non location-critical work at home.  Benefits include less petrol emissions and less time wasted in traffic, fewer distractions, better work-life balance and being more productive – innovative ways that allow us to support our staff and serve our clients more effectively.

From kitchen to office, batteries, ink cartridges, paper, cardboard and plastics are appropriately waste-streamed and sent for recycling. Even coffee grounds from our in-house coffee machine are saved for composting.  While we cannot claim ‘zero-waste’ status yet, we are working on it.

The benefits of plants in the workplace are widely known, and we love having and nurturing greenery in the workplace.  Everyone has at least one living plant on their desk, with common areas featuring clusters of plants, contributing to cleaner office air and a beautiful workplace.

Several team members are on board with the challenge of Plastic Free July. Our goal is to increase participation each year.

Work in progress

Where to next?

To further reduce our carbon footprint, we have the following projects in the pipeline:

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