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What is NewLaw?

In an age of disruption, traditional large law firms face increasing pressure from evolving NewLaw providers. But what does NewLaw actually mean, and how do these firms differ from traditional competitors?

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Telephone scams

Scammers will try anything to get your attention and attempt to fool you into providing them access to your personal or financial information. Lately we

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Stopping nuisance phone calls

Unsolicited calls are frustrating at the best of times. You can reduce the frequency of these calls by registering your telephone number on the Australia Government’s ‘Do Not Call’ Register.

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Buying and selling a home

Before making a final decision or signing any contract: investigate your options thoroughly – consider your needs and what you can afford; and get advice from people you trust.

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The litigation process

Every court (and tribunal) in Western Australia (including the Federal Court and other federal jurisdictions) has separate rules for the conduct of proceedings. Some use

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How we manage litigation

If not properly managed, litigation can be unnecessarily time-consuming and expensive. We are committed to conducting proceedings as efficiently as possible. Preliminaries Before commencing proceedings

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