From our criminal law files

Mine worker immediately released from prison

Our client was initially charged with dangerous driving causing bodily harm. Following our representations, the prosecution accepted a plea to a lesser offence. We made a plea in mitigation on behalf of our client and the judge imposed a sentence that meant he was immediately released from prison (where he was being held on remand).

Our client’s mother commented: “We got the results we had hoped for and more, and in such a limited time, a great outcome for a little Aussie just lost in the system. You have done a lot for the family over the years and we hold you in high respect. Would never go to court without Birman & Ride by my side!”

Bookkeeper acquitted on 82 fraud charges

Achieved an acquittal, on all counts, of a bookkeeper accused of stealing from her employer. The allegations centered around certain expense and wages claims that the employer reported to the police as ‘suspicious’.

Sex offender avoids jail

Our client pleaded guilty to a sexual offence involving a child relative. Despite protestations from the DPP, we secured a suspended sentence order meaning that our client will serve no jail time (provided he does not offend further in the next 18 months).


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