Pleading guilty to a traffic offence

You made a mistake.  You thought you were doing the right thing at the time.  Your plans fell through and you made a stupid decision.  You thought you were ok to drive.  It was only a short trip, just down the road.  You were just going to help a friend.

Whatever the reason, the reality is that you’ve broken the law. You want to accept responsibility for your actions, plead guilty to the offence and ask the Court to be lenient.

This is known as a plea in mitigation – it’s your opportunity to speak to the Court. Usually it will involve giving the reason why you acted as you did, telling the Court about your background and explaining the consequences the conviction will have for you. Above all else it is about showing the Court that you are taking the offence seriously and are remorseful.

We understand the Court process and what information is important to tell the Magistrate who will determine your sentence.

If you wish to plead guilty to an offence, book a consultation with us, at which we will review your charge, obtain information about your circumstances, and give you a fixed price quote for attending Court with you to present a plea in mitigation.

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