ON THE SPOT services offer ultimate convenience

Birman & Ride’s new range of ON THE SPOT legal services are set to revolutionise customer service in Western Australia – offering superior ease and convenience for clients.

Developed in-house by a team of lawyers and software developers, Birman & Ride’s advanced interactive instruction forms enable the preparation of straightforward documents and court applications with the convenience of only one short client consultation. The consultations are fixed priced and most take around 30 minutes.

ON THE SPOTON THE SPOT consultations for WillsEnduring Powers of Attorney and GuardianshipProbateProbate reseals and Divorce are available at the firm’s city offices. The firm plans to add further services in the coming months.

Birman & Ride partner Michael Hodgkins says “We offer competitive fixed prices for all of our on-the-spot services. The convenience of the single appointment and the fixed price makes these services attractive to clients. Demand for our Wills and Probate on-the-spot consultations has been very strong”.

The firm’s interactive instruction forms are a feature of ContactsLaw – revolutionary legal practice management software.

Contact Michael Hodgkins on +61 8 9220 4455


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