Stopping nuisance phone calls

Unsolicited calls are frustrating at the best of times. You can reduce the frequency of these calls by registering your telephone number on the Australia Government’s ‘Do Not Call’ Register. Registration is free and valid for 8 years.

There are easy ways to register:

Will registering stop all marketing calls?

No. Whilst most unsolicited calls should stop after you have registered your number, you may still receive calls from:

  • exempt organisations including charities, political parties, educational institutions and organisations conducting opinion polling or research;
  • scammers (i.e. people who disregard the law); and
  • businesses that you have an existing relationship with (you can always ask them to stop calling you).

Who can register?

You can register a landline, fax or mobile number if you use it primarily for private purposes

A business cannot register a telephone number, but can register a number it uses exclusively for transmitting and/or receiving faxes.

What if I register and continue to receive marketing calls?

Registration generally takes 30 days to become effective. You can complain to Australian Communications and Media Authority about organisations who continue to call you after this period.

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