Advocacy win for cadet lawyer

Posted by   Birman & Ride on    31 August 2013

Samuel PackCongratulations to Birman & Ride cadet lawyer Samuel Pack who, together with Gemma Little, has won the 2013 University of Western Australia Trial Advocacy Competition.

Sam and Gemma were undefeated in a 32-team competition, with Sam achieving the highest score in the grand final before the Hon. Justice Stephen Hall on 14 May 2013.

Sam becomes the second Birman & Ride cadet to win the competition (after Tobias Young in 2009) and continues the firm's strong showing in advocacy competitions nationally and overseas.

Congratulations also to Birman & Ride cadet lawyer Nigel Siegwart – a grand-finalist in the 2013 University of Western Australia Open Mooting Competition.

The winner of the mooting grand final, held on 21 August 2013, was Scott Young – a formed Birman & Ride law cadet.

Birman & Ride's current and former cadets have notched up several semi- and grand-final appearances in recent years, participated in the 2013 Jessup International Moot Competition and were members of the winning UWA National Family Law Moot team in 2011.

There is no substitute for real-world courtroom and negotiation experience.

Visit our Careers page for more information about our cadetship program and other employment opportunities.

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