Why we are here...

to make quality legal services accessible to everyone

We believe that an effective legal system is essential to a healthy community and lawyers play an important role in enabling access to the system.

Our mission is to serve the community by making quality legal services accessible to as many people and businesses as possible.

We use innovative pricing models ad service delivery to overcome traditional barriers to accessing legal services. For example:

  • Real estate settlements – Our flat rate pricing model has introduced real competition to the industry and drastically reduced prices for buyers and sellers.
  • ON THE SPOT services – we use advanced technology to prepare and finalise Wills, Probate and Divorce documents and many others in only one short consultation.
  • Get PAID – cutting out the Debt Collector middleman and exposing charging rorts in the collection industry.
  • Fixed price services quoted in advance – whenever possible.

What's important to us


Top quality work

High standards are a way of life here. Good writing reflects clear thinking. Before we write a word we get the facts right and formulate clear objectives. Our documents are concise, clear and persuasive. Our lawyers are respected in Court for being thoroughly prepared and articulate.

Service, service, service...

We have the experience, skills and knowledge to give our clients the best possible representation. We seek and obtain feedback from our customers. Their testimonials can be found throughout this web site – for example: settlements, Probate & estates and family law.

Fixed prices

We aim to price our services fairly and transparently. We advertise fixed prices for many standard services. Otherwise, we will analyse your requirements before issuing a written quote. We prefer to quote specific amounts for a defined service rather than open-ended hourly rates where possible. In litigation matters, we may quote specific stages as the matter proceeds.


Leadership at all levels

We empower all team members to take charge and be leaders within their areas of responsibility. Our in-house training and continuing professional development programs are a core strength of our firm.


We use teamwork for almost every client file and management project. Work of all kinds is subdivided into tasks for team members at different levels. Clients benefit from multiple perspectives and cost savings. Team members contribute to a variety of interesting matters.

Innovation through technology

Each and every member of our team is committed to using computerised systems in new and innovative ways to deliver legal services.

The back-bone of this quest is ContactsLaw – revolutionary new legal practice management software we’ve developed in partnership with boutique IT firm Overtech Technologies.


Workspaces with energy and inspiration

Considering how many hours each week we spend at work, it makes sense to make it a pleasant and attractive environment. Our belief that workspaces should be stimulating and promote teamwork has informed our decision to include vibrant open-plan spaces in the mix of traditional offices and meeting areas. We’ve decorated with energising colours and bold, contemporary art.


We’re not about to take ourselves too seriously. There’s an enjoyment in what we do and we approach it with integrity, diligence and a sense of humour.

We believe it's essential for our professionals of all ages to pursue an interest (or two) that offers a release from the stresses of everyday life. Music and the arts in general are popular here, but so is paintball, triathlon, footy (tipping), computing...

to nurture our talented and diverse team

We encourage every member of our team to reach their full potential in all areas of their lives. Our focus is not on what we can get out of our team, but on what we can help them to achieve. We aim to help our people to grow both professionally and personally and hope that they see their positions here as being part of something bigger than the job they are doing.

to be fearless advocates

We stand up to bullies. We take pride in changing inefficient industries and anti-competitive practices. We fearlessly defend the rights of those who suffer injustice.