Administrative appeals (AAT/SAT)

The State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) are independent bodies that review a wide range of administrative decisions made by State and Australian Government ministers, departments, agencies and tribunals.

Initial consultation


In most cases, you have a very short time period from the date of the reviewable decision to apply to the SAT or AAT for review. If you have received an administrative decision you are unhappy about, we recommend that you see us for a consultation as soon as possible.

Our fee includes:

  • 30 minute meeting at our office at which we will provide you with initial advice; and
  • an estimate of costs for future representation.

What to bring to the consultation:

  • your photo identification;
  • copy of the decision being reviewed (if available);
  • any relevant correspondence or other documents.
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Jeremy Birman

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Frequently asked questions

What types of decisions can be reviewed?

The types of administrative decisions that can be reviewed include:

  • Guardianship and administration
  • Local government decisions
  • Taxation decisions
  • Town planning, resource and development
  • Strata titles
  • Land valuation
  • Australian citizenship
  • Working with Children Check
  • Freedom of information
  • and more

See the following for more details of the matters that the SAT and AAT have jurisdiction to determine: