Team B&R

Carolina Latumaliemna

Departments: Probate and deceased estate administration, Wills and estate planning

Carolina is a committed attorney within our esteemed wills and probate team, focusing her expertise on guiding individuals through the intricate landscape of legal affairs including wills, powers of attorney, and powers of guardianship. With a profound understanding of estate planning, Carolina provides invaluable advice and ensures that clients’ intentions are meticulously reflected in their legal documentation.

Her proficiency shines as she adeptly manages applications for grants of probate and letters of administration, showcasing her ability to navigate the intricate nuances of probate law with precision and expertise. In the realm of estate administration, Carolina consistently delivers exemplary work, offering thoughtful guidance that reflects her dedication to excellence.

Outside the legal realm, Carolina is a proud mother of two and loves to listen to music and take afternoon walks. From reading together to bonding with the kids through journalling, Carolina’s love for her children is as clear as day.

Carolina loves to read and actively spends her time listening to podcasts and YouTube videos that speak on spirituality and personal growth. As a lover of midday walks, it comes as no surprise that she appreciates the beauty of nature and has fond memories of New Zealand due to its untouched magical scenic beauty.