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Team B&R

Jasmine Chan

Practice Manager
Departments: Accounting and business administration

Jasmine, our astute Practice Manager, is the backbone of our law firm, seamlessly steering diverse responsibilities with finesse. Her extensive skill set spans financial administration, encompassing bookkeeping, tenant billing, and reconciliations, contributing significantly to sound financial management.

With a keen eye on human resources, she adeptly handles recruitment processes, employee contracts, and payroll management. Jasmine’s meticulous approach extends to business administration, where she liaises with suppliers, ensures compliance, and oversees renewals.

In the realm of office administration, she supervises reception processes, manages stationery orders, and ensures the seamless upkeep of our office premises. Her proficiency in financial reporting, payroll processing, and trust account audits reflects her dedication to maintaining operational excellence. Jasmine’s multifaceted expertise is integral to the success and efficiency of our firm, ensuring smooth and strategic functioning across various facets of our operations.

Despite running around the office all day long, Jasmine never fails to say hello and checks up on every single person in the office with the brightest smile on her face. Her dedication and diligence in ensuring everyone’s well-being is seen through her efforts to plan social events catered to the company.

As a mother of 2, Jasmine always makes sure to spend at least 30 minutes with her children as they lay in bed and scroll through hilarious Instagram Reels. As someone who can’t sit still and relax, it’s no wonder that Jasmine enjoys craft work as a hobby and even integrates this skill into decorating Birman & Ride’s office.

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