We've gone green

We're greening the planet, starting with our firm.


  • Electronic files – using ContactsLaw – our state of the art legal practice management software – we keep an electronic copy of your file. This means that we don't have to print copies of our file notes, emails or correspondence. In some cases our electronic files have entirely replaced the need to keep a paper file.
  • Green transport – from Midland to Mindarie, everyone at Birman & Ride walks, cycles or catches public transport to work. For each litre of petrol we save, we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by up to 13 kilos.
  • Office design – our offices have individual light switches, so we turn off our lights when we leave the office. We've installed power saving settings on our electronic equipment for times when it's not in use.
  • Recycling – we've installed recycling bins in every office.
  • Email – wherever possible, we send correspondence by email. It's environmentally friendly and reaches its destination much faster.
  • Duplex printing – If we cannot send a document electronically, we can at least send it double-sided. Duplex printing is now standard on every Birman & Ride machine.
  • Green paper – when we do print, we use paper which is Australian made and is at least 80% recycled.
  • Advertising – the focus of our advertising is on electronic media including Yellow Pages Online, rather than traditional print-media advertising and paper directories.

Help us help the environment

Helping the environment is something that everyone should be involved in.
If you think we should be doing more – put us to the test and email your ideas to goinggreen@birmanride.com.au.

Other websites of interest

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How can this benefit you?

Online business and information

We publish a vast amount of legal information on our website. You can give us instructions and make appointments online using our electronic booking systems and electronic forms.

Save money

In some cases we charge our clients for printing and photocopying. The more we use emails, the less paper we use and the more you save!

We have an electronic copy of your file at our fingertips, which means you'll spend less time on the telephone when discussing your matter.

Better access to information

We can send you by email an electronic copy of all incoming and outgoing correspondence relating to your matter. This is a quick, cheap and efficient way of making sure we keep you informed. Don't forget to give us your email address.


Recycled paper becomes new products, meaning confidential information is destroyed, rather than being left to accumulate as landfill.

What's next?

Reduce, reuse, recycle

With new recycling bins on the way we hope to continue to develop our recycling programme and to spread our ideas throughout the City of Perth.

Greening the city

We are going beyond our walls and exploring where we can change policies and practices which are not environmentally friendly. This includes our campaign for duplex printing to become standard in the Court system and our challenge to Sensis to have an 'opt-in' policy on the delivery of phonebooks to WA residents and businesses.

Make your own coffee?

Ever wondered whether a take-away coffee cup is better for the environment than washing up your coffee mug? We're researching the answer. Visit this page again soon to see what we discover.