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What are mirror Wills?

It is common for those in marriages or de facto relationships of long-standing to make Wills that are in very similar terms.  Each partner executes their own Will document, but the documents appear to “mirror” each other. 

The following is an example of a common format for mirror Wills:

  • you appoint your spouse or partner as your executor if he or she survives you;
  • if your spouse or partner dies before you, you appoint a trusted friend, relative or one or more of your adult children as your executor;
  • you leave the whole of your estate to your spouse or partner if he or she survives you;
  • if your spouse does not survive you, you provide that your estate is divided equally among your children who attain a specified age, say 18 years.

Mirror Wills are not to be confused with mutual Wills.


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