Law cadetship program

  • Part-time career positions – 25 hours per week during semester, otherwise full-time
  • Starting at $40,000 (pro-rated) plus super

Next intake – TBA

  • Free info session: Date TBA, 1pm, UWA Law Seminar Room 3 (1.05)

These part-time career positions are not designed as vacation clerkships or to provide temporary student employment.

We invite applications from law undergraduates at any stage of their degrees.

What does the job entail?

This is your first real job as a legal professional. You will not spend your time photocopying or filing. For the first 6 to 12 months you will work in our real estate settlements workgroup. This area has a high volume of client files and well-established systems for delivering services. There you will learn our office procedures and how to use our legal practice management system ContactsLaw. We expect you to conduct yourself as a professional.

We will assign you to a mentor/supervisor who will help you develop the skills you need to hit the ground running and operate as an effective member of our professional team. You will take charge of and manage client files from the outset.

Additionally, we expect you to participate in the management of the firm, for example, in marketing activities, software development, human resources, systems administration, library or document management.

It is unlikely you will remain in the same area of the practice indefinitely: as you gain experience and confidence you will graduate to more complex tasks or assume further responsibilities. In our experience, once you develop skills in one area, it is relatively easy to translate to another.

Our more experienced cadets work in Wills, probate and estates, family law, debt collection, criminal law, litigation, property and commercial law. They attend conferences with lawyers, liaise with clients, draft correspondence, appear in court on (sometimes complex) chamber matters including appearances before Masters and Judges of the Supreme Court, proof witnesses, brief counsel, attend court with counsel, draft documents and more.

You will kick-start your career in law with invaluable practical skills that you acquire on the job.

What we offer

  • You will be employed on a permanent part-time basis subject to a 6 month probation period.
  • Your starting salary will be $40,000 per annum (pro-rated part-time) plus superannuation.  After your 6 month probation period your salary will increase to $45,000 per annum (pro-rated part-time) plus superannuation.  Subject to your continuing satisfactory performance and achievements, after 15 months your salary will increase to $50,000 per annum (pro-rated part-time) plus superannuation.  Thereafter we will pay you according to the value of your ability and contribution not your level of qualifications or years of experience – by the time you graduate you could be earning considerably more than many law graduates.
  • You'll never serve another Big Mac: we employ you to work at least 25 hours per week during university semesters and full-time in the university holidays with sick leave and annual leave.

What we're looking for

To qualify you will:

  • have a strong TER (or TEE) score and above average university grades;
  • be committed to starting your professional career;
  • demonstrate a high level of maturity, judgement and commonsense;
  • be sufficiently self-disciplined to balance the competing demands of a responsible job, university studies and a personal life;
  • be prepared to think laterally and challenge convention;
  • be a leader and a team player; and
  • have a sense of humour.

Balancing work and study

You must be committed to working at least 25 hours per week during university semesters and full-time during university holidays; and to reduce the level of your university commitments accordingly. You must accept that, in doing so, it will take longer to complete your degree.

You will benefit from our experience in helping cadets manage their work and study loads; however it requires considerable self-discipline on your part (eg studying on the weekends!). Our cadetships are demanding jobs that require a serious investment of time and energy.

We will negotiate flexible working hours so you can meet your university commitments. University and work timetables are planned as a group at the start of each semester and prior to each exam period. We do our best to be flexible around exam times because we know this is a stressful period. We expect you to assist us by giving us as much notice as possible of your university commitments and any other holiday plans.

Other tips we can offer:

  • Structure your timetable to minimise travel time – ideally you either work or study for a full day.
  • Mix up your enrolment or core and option units.
  • Share university tasks with other cadets.


Graduate employment

As with any job, your advancement is dependent on your satisfactory performance. We don’t immediately guarantee you employment as a graduate. However, we aim to forge long-term relationships and we hope you will continue with us upon graduation. If for any reason we are not prepared to offer you graduate employment, we will let you know where you stand well before the completion of your degree.

And my round-the-world trip?

Consistent with our long-term approach to our relationships we will do our best to accommodate your need to see the world.

Will my career prospects be adversely affected if I delay completion of my degree?

As a cadet lawyer, under the supervision of your principal you are able to undertake virtually all of the duties of an admitted lawyer except appearances in open court. The practical experience you will gain working in our professional environment will more than compensate you for the additional time it will take you to graduate. Your superior skills will give you a significant competitive edge in a market where employers are looking for employees able to get the job done. Although we hope that you will grow with us for many years, we also encourage our people to fulfill their potential. They are highly sought after by our competitors.

Want more information?

Application timetable

Dates will be published in early February.

Before you apply

  • Critically review the above criteria. Is the job for you? Do you have what it takes? Have you discussed it with your partner? Your Dad? Or your Dog? Are you prepared to reorganise your life to meet the demands of the position?
  • Consider your existing study load ad how you would restructure it if you take the job. We understand that you have to complete the university courses you've enrolled in this semester, but you will need to undertake fewer units per semester in the future.
  • Read this information again.
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